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I’ve been thinking about moving my cat’s videos to a new channel for a long, long time now. There will be much less hassle for me now that I have all of my channels on the same account. Memorizing so many log in passwords is a NIGHTMARE!

Anyhow, I hope to see both new and old viewers alike on the brand new “Kyoko Mr Nice Guy & Lisa” YouTube Channel

To get this channel up and running I’ve added a brand new video! Yaaaaaay!


I’m trying to get better at coloring my drawings, usually I have very little motivation to draw backgrounds or landscapes.

I’ve lived in an artistically black and white world for most of my life, but it isn’t depressing as some people might think. Sometimes I use too much color, which can distract from the drawing itself. So I’ll admit I’ve avoided color because of my idea of “nice colors” are usually neon or greyish tinges which other people can have an aversion to.

Anyways, here is the kitten I promised you:

Lisa in a bag

To Lisa this is normal… to me it is ultra ADORABLE!

Lisa is playing with my stuffed sea serpent puppet when all of a sudden she notices that everybody is watching her! My daughter even does a cute voice for her while she is in “tongue stuck out funny face” awe.

Maybe she heard us talking about  Bub the cat and was trying to steal his signature look and fame? Naaah.

Sea Serpent Drawn

Here is my Inktober drawing for today, it is the puppet stuffed animal that lisa was chewing on! Don’t worry he isn’t hurt/ripped/punctured. Anyhow I always thought this little guy was goofy looking and very cute at the same time. It was a gift from my mom 😀

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