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His distinguished glance says it all: I am deserving of great things.

Nice Guy in the mirror

Looking at himself in the mirror he realizes “This is why I’m so easy to love, I’m HANDSOME!”

Drinking water

He doesn’t drink from a kitty bowl like a commoner, no. Here is a link to a video of Nice Guy asking for a drinkpaw demandsHe grabs my leg as i watch the moving picture noise box “Ahem, pet me now.”

And he is right to be this way, with 2 other cats in the house he has to make himself stand apart from them.

Not to blend in to the background, be seen for the amazing handsome cat that he knows himself to be.

Kyoko laying with me

Kyoko loves to be brushed and petted when he comes for a snuggle!

Lisa needs lots of hugs!

Lisa meows at me for some hugs when she is feeling lonely.

Nice guy is a cutie

Nice Guy needs no invitation to come sit on my lap wherever i may be. He knows i will pet him and he purrs loud!

Nice guy laying on my legs.

Who needs a blanket when you’ve got a Mr. Nice Guy to keep you warm?

Ahem... did i say you could read?

Its clearly not time to be reading, its time to be petting!

I read that today was “World Cat Day” … I talked it over with my cats and they agreed that every day is cat day.

I’ve got this adorable little robot toy kitten that meows and moves its paw and ear when it walks. It can’t really walk on the carpet though…

Nice Guy is upset that I’ve interrupted his nap and accused him of having a kitten.
Kyoko seems like he is interested in this toy for a while until it becomes too noisy.
Lisa is as patient as ever and tries to comfort the little orphaned robot kitten when nobody else will accept him as part of the kitty family.

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I always wonder what my cats dream about when they are sleeping and their little paws twitch or if their whiskers bristle forward…
…this is just one of the infinite possibilities.

Nice guy in space

My cat Mr. Nice Guy hasn’t always shown such great fondness for me…

I remember when he was a kitten and how he would scowl at me when i tried to pet him.

These days, however, he seems to have an almost URGENT need for sitting on my lap to be caressed or to stand with his behind in front of my computer monitor.


(Image below- Here he is expressing boredom at my computer usage, he even sighs from time to time)


He would prefer that i pet him and carry him around so that he wouldn’t have to walk about the carpet like a common kitty pet.

Here is a picture of his paw directing my computer mouse…

Despair not Mr. Nice Guy… you receive pets aplenty and many a can of mushy food!

Your human cannot forget you and your many quirks : )

My cats discovered that my favorite shoes have a flavor to them . . .

They think it is wonderful and get in an argument over who gets to possess this new found tasty treat.

Glow cats


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