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Lisa is playing with my stuffed sea serpent puppet when all of a sudden she notices that everybody is watching her! My daughter even does a cute voice for her while she is in “tongue stuck out funny face” awe.

Maybe she heard us talking about  Bub the cat and was trying to steal his signature look and fame? Naaah.

Sea Serpent Drawn

Here is my Inktober drawing for today, it is the puppet stuffed animal that lisa was chewing on! Don’t worry he isn’t hurt/ripped/punctured. Anyhow I always thought this little guy was goofy looking and very cute at the same time. It was a gift from my mom 😀

I found a nice little shop filled with all kinds of interesting things… and its right next to my favorite coffee shop! Its called Crystal Heart Books.

Click on an image to go to the store’s website:






Fantastic craftsmanship on all of these creatures!

(Note: These are not my creations!)


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