(Edit: I now have a video to show these steps- Go to my post with video instructions)

This was a really long project for me to make. I’ve made origami dragons many many times, but never this big.

I taped a whole bunch of spam newspapers that I constantly get in the mail to create a HUGE origami sheet. Sorry about some of the pictures being blurry.

Here is a step by step picture guide on how I folded my origami dragon:

Step 1

STARE AT THE PAPER REAL HARD. Let it know who’s boss.

(Some of these steps are pretty frustrating for beginner origami artists.)

Dragongami 1Step 2:  Fold diagonally.

These first steps are to establish good strong creases that will help you fold the following steps easier.
Dragongami 2Step 3: Unfold then fold diagonally in the opposite direction.
Dragongami 3Step 4:  Unfold then Flip your  square over.

Dragongami 4Step 5: Fold the square in half like a book.

Dragongami 5Step 6: Fold the square in half like a tent.
Dragongami 6Step 7: Unfold and return to the diagonal fold.

Dragongami 7Step 8: Turn the paper so that the bottom right point in the picture above is now the bottom left corner in the picture below.

Open the triangle while keeping the left edge closed and lined up with the other side of the paper.

Dragongami 9Step 10: Fold the bottom edge from the picture above to the position shown below to meet the left edge.
Dragongami 10Step 11: Turn the paper so that the left edge from the previous picture is now the bottom edge in the next picture.

Make your creases well in the inner layer.
Dragongami 11Step 12: Place the top layer down, making sure to line it up with the bottom edge.

Now you have a funny square shape with a pointy triangle on top.
Dragongami 12Step 13: Turn the shape so that the bottom right corner shown above will be pointing at you as shown in the next picture.

Peek inside and see your previously folded triangle on the left. You want to make the same shape on the right side.
Dragongami 13 Step 14: Ok now close the shape, enough peeking. These are the same folds (except mirrored) as in steps 8 – 11

Open the pointy triangle side while keeping the square part closed.

Then you grab the corner that formed the point. (its the part with the makeup lady.)

Dragongami 14Step 15: Put that corner face down to meet the corner which is shown as bottom right corner.

If you did it right you should have this shark fin shape, which you will crease into a triangle.

Dragongami 15Step 16: Fold that shark fin triangle down to the right. Now you have a simple looking square.
Dragongami 16IMPORTANT! :

Open your square and make sure that the two triangle shapes inside are separate from each other, meaning that there should be a gap between them as shown in the image below.

Its a simple thing to mess up on and will cause you to have to start all over if they are connected.

Just make sure you can wiggle the triangle like it is a giant cobra fang. (Psh, like we would ever REALLY do that?!)
Dragongami 17Step 17: These next steps will make the wings.

Now fold the top layer’s right side inward to the center line, making a tall triangle.
Dragongami 18Step 18: Fold the top layer’s left side to make a mirror image of the triangle you just made.
Dragongami 19Step 19:  Notice how in the image above there is a triangle on top of the two folded triangles?

Fold that triangle downward and make a very solid crease. Then return it to its original position.

Dragongami 22Step 20: Now unfold the two triangles on the left and right.

open them up and notice how the space in between those two folds creates yet another triangle.

Dragongami 20Step 21: lift up the triangle and fold it back as shown below.

The sides that look like walls will be folded inward to match the triangle folds you had previously.
Dragongami 25Like this:Dragongami 26Step 22: Now flip it over and repeat the same steps for this side.
Dragongami 28Step 23: Fold the right side in towards the center line.Dragongami 29Step 24: Fold the left side in to mirror the right side.
Dragongami 30Step 25: Fold down that top triangle again to form a solid crease then unfold to its original position.Dragongami 31 Step 26: Unfold the two triangles again and grab the inner layerDragongami 32 Step 27: Lift it up and fold the two triangles on the left and right back down.Dragongami 33It should now look like this:
Dragongami 34(Sorry about the blurry picture) Step 28: Fold the top layer’s right side inward to meet the center lineDragongami 35 Step 29: Fold the top layer’s left side inward to mirror the right side.Dragongami 36 Step 30: Flip it over and repeat step 28 and 29.Dragongami 37 Step 31: Fold the right side inward to the center lineDragongami 38 Step 32: Fold the left side inward to mirror the right.

Now you have a tall thin diamond shape with a split going from the bottom to the center forming two separate “legs”Dragongami 39 Step 33: Grab the left “leg” and unfold it then refold in the opposite direction.Dragongami 40 It should look something like this depending on the angle at which you creased it.Dragongami 41Step 34: Do the same to the right “leg”Dragongami 42 Step 35: reverse fold the right side in the same way.

Leave enough length at the base to resemble a neck, I chose this side to be the head of the dragon.Dragongami 43 Step 36: fold the right side one last time to make the horn on the top of the dragon’s headDragongami 44 It should look similar to this:Dragongami 45 The final steps are the same reverse fold type over and over until you have as many crimps in the dragon’s tail as you like.Dragongami 46 Dragongami 47 Dragongami 48 Dragongami 49 Dragongami 50And that is that. I hope my instructions weren’t too complicated or unclear for those of you who wanted to make this.20130913_183217(0)What a HUGE DRAGON!!! Since he is made out of newspaper he even flaps his wings when I move him up and down 😀

I’m pretty exhausted in this picture because we are still having pretty warm weather and it took me so very long to make this  >_<;