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Just look at all of these cute ducks marching along to eat some grass!!!

I like the part where my singing doesn’t rhyme and they all stop and stare at me like “Um, ok we give it a 7 out of 10…”

I’d say that this is a fairly ridiculous video, but hey why not?

I was wondering if anyone else sings little mostly nonsense songs to their pets? This morning the melody goes:

The cats… are.. hungry.

*bom boda bom*

Lisa wasn’t very nice this morning. She slapped nice guy and kyoko on the nose.
it wasn’t very nice, it wasn’t very nice.
and speaking of nice, its nice guy.
he’s very hungry, very very hungry. Ever so hungry he can’t believe-
and there’s lisa… and my hair… (haha) LISA!
They’re very very hungry so we got to feed them.

Click the photo to see Nice Guy doing the ugly dance. Just be sure to turn your volume down if its up too loud.

new-ugly-dance-pics (2)

Click HERE to see Kyoko doing the ugly dance!

I’m not sure how many people have seen this website, I think its really great! Just upload a forward facing photo of someone (or something) with a dark background for best results. You can resize and rotate it once you upload it to the site.
With a catchy tune like this and a variety of dance moves to make you giggle, who can resist?! Just think: your boss can be turned into a less threatening figure- just stick their face on this thing!
You can put your best friend’s face, your dog’s face, a bird… or even and insect! The possibilities are endless!

Feel free to share your “Ugly Dancer” with us in the comment section!

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