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Its a beautiful sunshiny day, a perfect chance to catch up on some beauty sleep.

Or so Nice Guy thought… until many annoyances came his way.



Luckily, Nice Guy is a good sport and finally did end up getting his much deserved nap.


Lisa fell asleep with her eyes open while trying to watch tv… it is kind of creepy but very cute at the same time. (we were watching case closed if anyone was wondering.)

I suppose these little winged kitties of mine would hatch out of an egg and find themselves in a great big strange place that they are compelled to explore!
Winged lion cubLooking back at all these drawings I’ve made nearly every day I feel as though October is a very long month. I wonder how I’ll feel after I’m not doing inktober doodles? Maybe I’ll keep on drawing or move on to another project? Who knows, only time will tell.


Sometimes a compromise is the best solution

These days it seems like I’m constantly busy. Its not really a bad thing, just my days are so full that sometimes I just don’t know when or how to stop working.

Its not like I make TONS of stuff either, kind of just “spinning my wheels” some of the time.

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