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Sometimes when Kyoko falls asleep he does the cutest whisker and paw twitches.

Lisa in a bag

To Lisa this is normal… to me it is ultra ADORABLE!

Kyoko snores!

He is SO cute when he snores… it almost sounds like he is talking through his nose!

Lisa fell asleep with her eyes open while trying to watch tv… it is kind of creepy but very cute at the same time. (we were watching case closed if anyone was wondering.)

A happy family of kitties nap together, The one with its belly up reminds me of our cat Kyoko!

Kitty dreams


Sometimes a compromise is the best solution

These days it seems like I’m constantly busy. Its not really a bad thing, just my days are so full that sometimes I just don’t know when or how to stop working.

Its not like I make TONS of stuff either, kind of just “spinning my wheels” some of the time.

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