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Antiques cat show, brought to you by Kyoko the grey and white tuxedo cat!
Today he appraises a few of the household knick knacks including: A mouse, a fellow cat, and a raccoon.
Kyoko’s bite can determine what the object is made out of and his well defined taste buds can draw accurate conclusions about the age of an item by flavors in the dust sediment.

So I spend an awful lot of time drawing this picture the other day.

You sank my battleship burger

Here is Disco the parakeet’s video with him saying this funny quote: “You sank my battleship burger

Skip to 2:09 to hear just this saying!

Disco’s poor human had to have knee surgery and is in need of some cheering up! If you like Disco why not pop on by and cheer her on?

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I thought Kyoko was being cute so I went up to take a little video of him. This is what happened when I turned on the light! Such a funny and cute expression.

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The sound effect “glassy_ding_or_bell” Used at the end is not my property.

I felt like doing a really silly cartoon drawing today. I didn’t really feel like coloring or even shading it. Yep, so enjoy my lazyness!

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Our old foster kittens.

They sure were adorable to watch play. You see the little tuxedo girl kitten here doing her “Dance of death” to that little beetle there in the carpet.

New videos!

We picked a bunch of ripe apples from my sister’s house and brought them home only to discover that Kyoko loved how they smelled.
I think he confused the chair to have the scent and started licking it really loudly. He looks so surprised when he sees that i’m recording him.

My adorable hunter Kyoko gets that pesky broom handle that is making such a racket underneath the rug. Back and fourth back and fourth… well not no more! Kyoko has got a great pounce that would knock any living creature unconscious!

We were out on a walk looking for Kyoko, who had been out for quite some time. When I called for him he sprang out of the bushes with this black and white cat who looked an awful lot like our big boy kitty Mr. Nice Guy.
Clearly it wasn’t Nice Guy, but what appeared to be a big girl kitty who wanted to wrestle with Kyoko!
When she finally let him up we headed back for home and ran into our other cat Lisa who came face to face with this other “Not Mr. Nice Guy” cat.
They are all so cute, i hope they can be friends so that we can have peace in our neighborhood.

One final note, this other kitty was so focused on Kyoko that it was almost like she couldn’t see us or we just weren’t there. Similar to how she reacted to Lisa when they were very close. Very good at ignoring people’s calls but she is definitely not blind cause she followed us home.

My cat has developed a taste for strange things, here he is licking a board.

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