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I was remembering oh so long ago when I used to watch Tenchi Muyo on VHS… Ah! Those were the days.

I had several tapes of the “Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki” variety and I just LOVED that little cabbit.

Ryo ohki

I always wanted to draw a picture from the episodes but alas, the screen was too blurry and pixilated to do the character any justice. Now I’m ALL GROWN UP! and I have a computer, Yay!

Ramen King, Ramen King wherever you may be… TAKE THIS RAMEN OF MINE FAR AWAY FROM ME!

Where’d she get that rubbish? It doesn’t even start with “I wish“.

I wish the ramen king would come and take it away… right now! (Nice Guy appears and takes the ramen!)

Love me, fear me. Let me rule you… do as I say and I WILL BE YOUR SLAVE.


Thats not exactly how it goes but I’m sure people who have seen “That movie” will know what I’m on about : ) One of my first favorite movies of all time. Nice Guy plays a good villain me thinks.

Lisa helping out

Just doing a little computer work, you know… fancy mouse wiggling and clicking.

Ahahaha, I’ll get you my kitties!

Witch kitty

We all know that human witches ride on broomsticks. However, few people know that cat witches ride on scratching posts!

Wooosh, Scratch scratch scratch… all through the night.


I’ve just been in the mood to make fan art lately, there are a lot of people out there who post nice things about their animals. Here is a drawing I did inspired by pictures from an instagram user:
winnie_cat_ has a wonderful cat who is friendly with the family birds. There are even video clips of the cuties together!


Cats have this way of knowing how to tell you what they want sometimes with just a single look…
The most common hypnotic suggestion my cats give me is “pet me” “open the door” or “give me some of that wet food“.

Or maybe there is more to this whole idea of cat hypnosis? Like when you get up out of your seat and once you get to the other room you FORGET ENTIRELY what it was that you were after!
Only then when you return to your beloved seat to find it SNATCHED by whichever cat is quickest.

What kind of subliminal message does your feline friend submit you to? (If any, some cats are more direct with meows)

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