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I decided to draw Uni with a kitty who looks somewhat like my girl cat, Lisa.

Much like Lisa, this kitty wants to go everywhere with her friend!


They are unstoppable when they are together!


Except when one of them gets sick… Then they are stopped temporarily!


When kitty gets better its all headbonks and purrs from there!


Better than cats?! Who would have thought that there was such a thing… after 27 years of admiration I have found something I can truly say that I love more than cats (or family or nature).

So if you have read my previous post about my death experience you may know how that has changed my life for the better. Since then I’ve had many subtle experiences that indicated to me that there is a loving ever present figure in my life that I have trusted in. I want everyone who is interested in these sort of things to know that the very same source of life is watching over you too.

The kind of happiness that doesn’t go away at any moment, it stays with you in your heart and empowers you to do what the voice in your heart commands you to do. Not upon whims but in a structured and very reasonable fashion.

I’ve been reading the scriptures and finding them to resonate with great authority and wisdom. I love how when I’m not reading or even searching for spiritual things that they keep on coming anyways, our God is ever present and knows what we need even before we ask.

I believe with all my heart and experiences that the kingdom of God is at hand. Search  for answers in prayer to him and ignore any ego that says you will be mocked for believing spiritual ideas, those thoughts are only to hinder while you are on the path to true understanding and to prevent you from reaching the door that leads to salvation and oneness with God the Father.

Definitely food for the soul to grow and be nourished, without the source from which we are from we are only dirt.

I know I did a post with this included in the past but I feel like this is a very important event in my life that I am supposed to share with anyone who would read it. It needs its own post.

I  believe that once this body dies our spirits are freed and return to our creator.

There are forces all around us trying to provoke us into doing wrong, sinning.

Just a few places evil lurks: Entertainment, Endulgence, Vanity or Self admiration, Carelessness, Vulgar things, Harmful words such as insults or ridicule and many more.

We must know that the things within our hearts and minds are just as important to regulate as our actions. Nothing is hidden when we are to account for our lives.

I was spoken to about this while I was out of my body.


My experience with death happened when I was much younger while swimming with my dad and sister at Nesmith Park, I fell into the drop off that I had been warned about.

I stayed calm like I had been told to do and sank so far that the water got very cold. It seemed like I wouldn’t stop sinking so finally when I couldn’t hold my breath anymore I called out for help. I remember seeing the bubbles come out with not much sound.

Then my spirit rose up out of the water and I saw my body floating dead with fish swimming around me. It was not scary or painful, it seemed very unusual to me and I pondered it for a while.

Then I noticed that I had no body and could see in every direction and through “myself” inward and outward from top to bottom and so on. My feild of vision expanded and it seemed that I was everywhere at all times.

I felt an extreme sense of happiness that I had never felt before, Peace and so much understanding. At first it was overwhelming. Moments later I saw a cloud which opened up and three people wearing white came out and were smiling at me, holding their arms outward like a hug…. I wondered if they were my family because I could feel how much they loved me. I was pulled up into a very bright white place full of light.

Then I saw nothing but brightness and felt as though I was laying down looking upward and a voice that felt like my dad’s was speaking to me without words.

The voice was kind, firm and extremely focused. I was being asked about many moments in my life about if I hate or resent anyone, do I love anyone and what was my understanding of love -why I love them. All of my answers were instant and honest, there was an intense feeling of understanding. Even when the memory was not nice.


From what it seemed like to me I didn’t have a complete understanding of what love is because at the time I was too young to have known what love was outside of my parents and family “I just do love them, cause they are nice to me/ take care of me” were my reason to love someone. I was asked if I wanted to stay here with him, I agreed to stay because I liked it here so much. But after I answered I remembered that my dad was down there still and he would be devastated if I left now.

It was decided once everything was considered: I was told “You have a purpose” and sent back.

Once I came back above the water to where my body was I could hear all of the people chattering and laughing around the swimming place. Then I noticed as I looked from person to person that I could hear their thoughts, some were innocent enough but others repulsed me and I ignored them.

When I looked to my dad who was at the edge of the water I heard him ask where I was in his mind, then he asked outloud. Then He realized i was underwater and I heard him exclaim “Oh Sh*t” first mentally then aloud!

He pulled me out of the water and dragged me to the shore and layed me down. As a spirit I went over and layed down into my body and woke to the pain and loudness of that life. The extreme happiness faded and was replaced with a terrible sad and angry feeling from the pain of water coming out of my lungs and knowing that many around me would not have cared much if I had died.


I hope that many who read this will be inspired to evaluate their own lives and search out what is pleasing to God and not only to consider man’s opinions who are often in error.

Christ has come to allow the forgiveness of sins, seek him out in your heart and allow him to transform you into a changed person.



My path has been a long and unexpected one. I came from a family who didn’t pray together or speak much of spiritual things. In fact, I didn’t tell anyone this story when it happened. It was too shocking and powerful to find words for at my age back then, plus I think I was afraid that they would think I made it up.

In my whole life I had went to church for about a month. It was years before this experience happened, my family took me to church because I was absolutely afraid of death, its all I could think of at night and I would have a reoccurring dream that a HUGE demon had eaten me and I was inside its intestines.

At church I learned about Christ and his suffering on the cross for our sins, I learned the prayer to accept Jesus as my savior. I began to pray every single night all night until I had prayed for everything I knew of and fell asleep from exhaustion. It actually helped me so much to know that God is with me at all times and can hear everything that goes on. The terrifying dreams stopped. I was no longer a victim of so many things, even if I suffered.. which of course I did and still do.

Endure to the end and give evil no foothold in your heart!

Here is to the end of another year, Hooray WE MADE IT!

May we all have a bright future in this coming year, to be able to forget all of our former associations which could bring upon us anxiety, fear, hate, sickness and loss of friendship.

To bring in a new year with new things in our hearts and hope to reach a new awareness of ourselves which we may not have seen in ourselves before.
It is my hope for us all to have love and unity, animals and humans alike. To realize that we are really no different than them in all of the ways that are truly important.

To end our search for objects and things which do not matter and accept what is already ours and cannot be taken away. Embrace your abilities of expression, compassion and consideration.

Peace be with you <3

Here is a gif that I made to celebrate the fact that we don’t have to be the same species to be kind to one another!Peck kitty

I showed Nice Guy and Kyoko a drawing I made a while back…

I’d say it resembles him, but then again a cat has a high opinion of their own beauty which is reflected not by appearance but from within.


Then there was the drawing I showed Kyoko… (which was only a mild resemblance.)

I think I drew this cat in such a way because Kyoko has a habit of becoming very startled when there is a loud sound or the dreaded plastic bag crinkle. He doesn’t delay to LEAP out of your lap or scurry out of your arms, sometimes using claws. Poor timid boy… If only I could explain that the bag isn’t his enemy.

Things that seem impossible can sometimes be made possible by working together and trying your best.Unicorns crossingThe young unicorn jumps as far as it can to cross this canyon and the grown one uses whatever power it has to help lift it the rest of the way.

Inexperience shouldn’t be the death of our pursuit to better ourselves, with help from others who may know more than we do we can learn and grow to reach that same level or BEYOND!

I remember watching the cartoon “Oliver and Company” a whole bunch when I was little. It was my one of my favorite movies.OliverFor some reason I thought this little guy was named “Banjo” back then so every orange stuffed animal kitty that I got was named Banjo.

Cats just love their catnip toy mice, this is what I imagine they would do after a “hard day of work”.
Catnip Toy MouseThey would come home, plop down on their pile of pillows then chew and bunny kick their stuffed toy to pieces!

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