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My art on a mug!

Some nice people submitted their cat pictures on facebook for me to draw their cats as a cartoon for a mug!

So here it is, it took me 2 days to finish this, Pretty happy with the end product : )
If you could share this with more cat people I would REALLY appreciate it <3

You can buy one of these cute coffee mugs at our Cafepress store: http://www.cafepress.com/Meekucat


Cats have this way of knowing how to tell you what they want sometimes with just a single look…
The most common hypnotic suggestion my cats give me is “pet me” “open the door” or “give me some of that wet food“.

Or maybe there is more to this whole idea of cat hypnosis? Like when you get up out of your seat and once you get to the other room you FORGET ENTIRELY what it was that you were after!
Only then when you return to your beloved seat to find it SNATCHED by whichever cat is quickest.

What kind of subliminal message does your feline friend submit you to? (If any, some cats are more direct with meows)

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