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Antiques cat show, brought to you by Kyoko the grey and white tuxedo cat!
Today he appraises a few of the household knick knacks including: A mouse, a fellow cat, and a raccoon.
Kyoko’s bite can determine what the object is made out of and his well defined taste buds can draw accurate conclusions about the age of an item by flavors in the dust sediment.


His distinguished glance says it all: I am deserving of great things.

Nice Guy in the mirror

Looking at himself in the mirror he realizes “This is why I’m so easy to love, I’m HANDSOME!”

Drinking water

He doesn’t drink from a kitty bowl like a commoner, no. Here is a link to a video of Nice Guy asking for a drinkpaw demandsHe grabs my leg as i watch the moving picture noise box “Ahem, pet me now.”

And he is right to be this way, with 2 other cats in the house he has to make himself stand apart from them.

Not to blend in to the background, be seen for the amazing handsome cat that he knows himself to be.

Tuxedo cats

Not only do I love my cats personalities and mannerisms, but i also adore their fur pattern!

This is a rant about tuxedo cats.

They wear refined business suits that remind you that they aren’t just to be hugged any time you see fit.

The markings are a symbol that demand respect!

After all, how many times have you hugged a man wearing a tuxedo?

Unless you got married to a man in a tux or you hug your lawyer for whatever reason, you know that it just doesn’t happen.

Wearing flashy white fur on their chest is a way to demonstrate that they are true gentlemen.

They have no choice but to eat without their hands.



 Even so, they don’t get a single stain on their whites. Lets see you do that!

And now i’ll post a humiliating pictures of how they would look if they wore actual tuxedos!



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