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In this video Lisa meets another one of the neighborhood cats whom I have already met several times with Kyoko.
I’m very happy that I have enough time to be able to accompany my cats outdoors where they can be free and meet other cats like themselves. I feel like if i wasn’t there to be a mediator that some of these meetings may not go quite as peacefully.

Its great that pretty much all of the cats we have met are tolerant if not friendly to our cats.
Lisa wasn’t too comfortable with this new kitty’s scent so she decided to climb a tree instead of sticking around.

Personally, I think she was showing off her skills to impress everybody.

One lovely day while Kyoko and I were out on a walk we came across another cat… A Stranger.
Kyoko’s impression about the cat: “He is shady looking, I don’t trust him.”
He lets loose a ferocious hiss and then whines when I try to comfort and assure him that the cat is nice.

Maybe he became confused about who the cat was, was this NICE Guy? No… she says hes nice, but he doesn’t look OR smell like Mr. Nice Guy. .

NOTE: The cats didn’t fight, the black cat (named Beamer) seemed really nice and kept a good distance away from him. The only way this could have turned into a fight is if Kyoko attacked first out of fear… Which is why i was there to make sure he yielded.

I make sure to accompany Kyoko outside because of an injury he came home with one time that required a drain tube and many stitches. I know hes scared because of that injury, I just really don’t think another cat did it. We lived next to a wildlife area so it could have been anything that attacked him.

I can tell he is comforted by my being there with him and since this video was filmed in 2012 hes gotten to be more confident and less afraid when going outside.

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