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Here is another of those drawings of Mr. Nice Guy and what I suppose he does while he is outside.


Nice Guy and Seven (Our neighbor’s cat!) are watching the stars at night together. Maybe they get to see shooting stars streak across the night sky?

I decided to draw Uni with a kitty who looks somewhat like my girl cat, Lisa.

Much like Lisa, this kitty wants to go everywhere with her friend!


They are unstoppable when they are together!


Except when one of them gets sick… Then they are stopped temporarily!


When kitty gets better its all headbonks and purrs from there!


Here is a dorky little donkey that I used to watch when I was little. He is silly, kind of odd looking but still manages to be very cute.Hunky and spunkyI really loved how the two donkeys traveled together through harsh environments and kept each other well enough for being in such a terrible place.

Here is a video that I remember very well from back then, the audio has that nice warm feeling to it that still makes me kind of sleepy.

Cat Nope 1

‘Cause my friend is your friend and your friend is … NOPE!

Have you ever wondered “What do police dogs do?”
Well here is a video of a show i went to recently where they displayed what police dogs are capable of doing to help officers do their job.

This videos focus is to show the dogs sniffing out lost or discarded objects that can lead to the arrest of suspects who may have gotten away with their crime if they had actually managed to get rid of key evidence.

The man asks for a set of keys to be thrown far into the field from the audience for the dog to find.

Here are MORE VIDEOS showing what kinds of things police dogs are capable of:

Finding hidden people & drugs

Stopping bad guys from escape

Protecting officers from attack

We were out on a walk looking for Kyoko, who had been out for quite some time. When I called for him he sprang out of the bushes with this black and white cat who looked an awful lot like our big boy kitty Mr. Nice Guy.
Clearly it wasn’t Nice Guy, but what appeared to be a big girl kitty who wanted to wrestle with Kyoko!
When she finally let him up we headed back for home and ran into our other cat Lisa who came face to face with this other “Not Mr. Nice Guy” cat.
They are all so cute, i hope they can be friends so that we can have peace in our neighborhood.

One final note, this other kitty was so focused on Kyoko that it was almost like she couldn’t see us or we just weren’t there. Similar to how she reacted to Lisa when they were very close. Very good at ignoring people’s calls but she is definitely not blind cause she followed us home.

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