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Today I decided to draw an Opossum, I like how the mother carries the babies around on her back.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen one in person… but its a wonder how their tail can hold them up so strongly.


I made this fluffy white dragon last summer and was inspired to name it after Ken Sugimori, he designed and drew all of the original 151 Pokémon himself!


I have always really liked how he drew pokemon and I still have many of the trading cards with his art. My favorite!

So now that you have been introduced, here are my drawings:


Sugimori, the dragon, is a mythical cloud dragon who is seen as a mist by humans. He “eats” moisture from the air through his fur and flies around humming to himself, never opening his mouth… because he doesn’t really have one.


He is clearly in a hurry, floating off to someplace.


Here he is resting on a mountain and valley, while at the same time he absorbs the mist from a nearby river. So sleepy. Of course to us humans, he would only appear to be morning fog.

NOW! For some pictures of Lisa with Sugimori 😀


Me: “What do you think of him Lisa?”


Lisa: *Screaming* “SUGIMORI!!!”


Lisa: “Well, I didn’t mean for you to set it on me…”

I wanted to make an attempt to draw a peacock, like the ones I saw this summer!

A funny thing happened when I got too focused on drawing this picture:


Now this may seem accurate if you hadn’t just spent a ton of time on google looking at peacock pictures…

But once I finished and took another look at my drawing I realized that I drew its head too big, whoops! It was so cute that I must have looked too close and forgot to resize it to the paper as I drew. If that makes any sense at all.

Here is a real picture of a peacock I took for reference:



Anyways, I shrunk its head on my computer:


Thats better! Isn’t technology wonderful?


I wanted to draw a seahorse, but just about halfway through drawing this picture I realized that it looks a lot more like a sea dragon… Whoops!


Either way I’m happy with how it turned out, despite the lack of environment to swim around in.

I decided to draw Uni with a kitty who looks somewhat like my girl cat, Lisa.

Much like Lisa, this kitty wants to go everywhere with her friend!


They are unstoppable when they are together!


Except when one of them gets sick… Then they are stopped temporarily!


When kitty gets better its all headbonks and purrs from there!


It was hard to choose which animal to draw next besides cats, of course. So I chose the puppy of the sea: A seal!

He says “What are you doing in the water, funny human? Did you bring me some fish?”

Every time I see a squirrel wandering around sniffing the ground and pausing I wonder if this is what they are thinking?


I know I would forget where I bury things, but I’m guessing survival and hunger are stronger motivators for remembering things. I just love their little fingers and bushy tails!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a great big bird to fly around on, and to keep you company? Sometimes I imagine that Mr. Nice Guy has made all sorts of animal friends and that is the reason why he wants to go outside so often. Here he is soaring with a banner on a bird:


I always feel a bit sad to see that most of the things that grew in summer fade away, slowly. Leaves are slowly thrown down at first… those rose blossoms drop. Then before you know it there are PILES of colorful leaves everywhere!

Yet I am still happy as long as I look forward to the things which do not occur in the summer. The cold air, the icy dew that will no doubt begin showing up mysteriously overnight.

Time to get the winter coat ready!

Inktober is back this year! For those of you who were around when I last participated in this art event, you know what it means.

To be clear: I’m going to try to make a drawing a day in ink for the whole month of October! I love the fact that I don’t have to color anything and I feel encouraged to practice drawing knowing that there are many others who are also participating : )

So here it is: The Dandy Lion !


Its petals sparkle in the morning dew, now that is fine and dandy.


The lion which has petals for a mane, never needs to buy shampoo. It also has unusually sweet breath… like flowers… Mmm.

inktober-1-dandy-lion-31A side view, what does a dandy lion eat?

inktober-1-dandy-lion-21Its a sad time when the petal mane falls off and it becomes a normal lion… FOREVER! Oh no!

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