Today something exciting happened! Playful Kitty Gave us an award, the “dragon’s Loyalty Award”! So I decided that today’s inktober drawing would be based on this wonderful news 😀Dragon's loyalty awardIf I am not mistaken, the point of this award is to familiarize ourselves with our fellow bloggers who we follow and like. So I will be posting a few facts about myself and hopefully some of the people I choose for this award will also post some things about themselves.

We have never got an award before. Thank you so much to Playful Kitty we will be sure to pass this award on to other blogs that we follow! So here we go…

7 facts about me that you probably don’t know:

Us together1: My name is Heather and I’ve got a 9 year old daughter : )My little ponies2: I still have quite a few of the classic My Little Pony toys, These are my favorites. Although I admit the first pony with dragon wings is a modification I made, they are attached with a hair tie.Terrible Scary

3: Its a fairly common fear, I’m scared of spiders… but here is the thing I don’t understand. “Mosquito eaters” terrify me and out of every person in the house they always choose to come fly at my face. The apartments that I live in have an abundance of spiders  and mosquito eaters.

Tiger skin

4: I like to play Minecraft, my favorite thing to do is build stairs, search for treasure around spawners, ride my horse and mine around lava. Exciting, I know.

lisa lap5: Like many people I get very absorbed in whatever I’m doing, I like to get things done “Just Right”. Its a good thing that no matter what I’m doing my kitties make sure that I remember there is a world outside of my monitor.

6: I would love to be able to share my home with many more cats, or run a no kill shelter. I grew up in a house with as many as 15 cats who were indoor/outdoor.

7: I had a death experience where I went out of my body when I was younger. It happened at a river where my family used to go swimming. I couldn’t swim and I fell off into the drop off where the water goes from shallow to very deep. My Dad warned me about this spot and said if I did fall in not to panic, so I stayed calm and as I sank the water got colder and colder. Then I couldn’t hold my breath anymore so I yelled HELP and away went my breath in bubbles.

After that my perspective changed from first person to a view where I could see my own body floating there with all the little fish nibbling at me. I was invisible and could see in all directions at once as though I was everywhere at all times. Then the bright light came and sucked me up and when I got to where it took me there was two people waiting for me there, it felt like I knew them and they asked me a bunch of questions about my life and if I had grudges and hate for certain people then about love.

I felt such an amazing happiness when I was there, better than any I’d felt when I was “alive” and these questions and conversations happened in no time at all. My answers came without a thought about it as though just being could convey more than speaking.

Anyways, it was said to me “you still have a purpose” and I was sent back to where I had been floating above my little body in the water. No time had passed and I could hear a murmur of talking from each person as I glanced around the river, I could hear what people thought before they said things and their actions and words weren’t very loud in comparison to their thought. Not all were honest, then I found my dad on the river bank and he thought “where is Heather?” then said it out loud.

Thats when I watched him dive in and pull me out of the water and lay me down on the rocky bank. Then I floated over and lay down into my body and woke up. Coming back to “life” in my body was the most painful part of this whole experience and that joy that I had felt was removed.  I felt terrible pain and sadness in its place as I coughed up lots of water. The noise of everybody else laughing and playing in the water was so loud and something was trying to make me angry at everybody who didn’t notice that I nearly died.

That is my most favorite memory because I had been so afraid of death when I was young and now I know that death is just a transition point into something unimaginable and great.

Thank you for reading my experience  : )

Now for those of you who wish to participate in this fun award Here is the list of things to fulfill:

1. Display the Award Certificate on your website. (You will find the award on my side bar.)


2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award.

3. Present 15 or so awards to deserving bloggers:

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