Inktober is back this year! For those of you who were around when I last participated in this art event, you know what it means.

To be clear: I’m going to try to make a drawing a day in ink for the whole month of October! I love the fact that I don’t have to color anything and I feel encouraged to practice drawing knowing that there are many others who are also participating : )

So here it is: The Dandy Lion !


Its petals sparkle in the morning dew, now that is fine and dandy.


The lion which has petals for a mane, never needs to buy shampoo. It also has unusually sweet breath… like flowers… Mmm.

inktober-1-dandy-lion-31A side view, what does a dandy lion eat?

inktober-1-dandy-lion-21Its a sad time when the petal mane falls off and it becomes a normal lion… FOREVER! Oh no!

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