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Hello everybody!
Its been forever and a day since I last posted anything on here, I feel so guilty!

Here is an update on some (Good & Bad) things that have been happening in my life since I posted last:

I got married in January 2016, after 5 years of being together!
I got an awesome new camera as a gift!! I couldn’t believe how nice the quality of this camera was.. I feel bad to think I’ve got such a cool camera and haven’t shown off many of the pictures it can take.

Sadly, our little parakeets we adopted have passed away. Leaving one elderly bird as our only feathered residence. Rest in Peace little buddies.

I’ve been volunteering at a local non profit organization for over a year now, its been a lot of fun meeting new people and playing board games. Its a board game museum called the Interactive Museum Of Gaming And Puzzlery
Museum Display
There are board games on exibit and over 5,000 games in their collection. Many of them are available for the public to come and play. We even do a livestream occasionally where we play some of the boardgames.

In other news, we had a snow storm recently. Of course I made a video or two about it.

Kyoko was the only brave cat to venture into the snow.

Hope everyone is doing well, thanks for visiting my blog : )

My “new” wordpress blog is now up and running.. My wonderful Fiance has helped me install all the plug ins I needed and taught me how to use my self hosted site. I really don’t know if I would have done the transfer if it were all up to me!

meekucat new site neon sign V2
I heard that there are many more options to customize my blog with this self hosted site stuff, I’ve been blogging long enough now that its seems like a good idea to get this done and over with.

I still feel a little worried that I overlooked something so if anyone sees something that is amiss please don’t hesitate to comment and tell me! Mostly I’m concerned that I left out something big, like if people can’t follow my blog on the “wordpress reader” like before that would be pretty yucky.

Worried Kitty

Calm down kitty, its OK!

I plan on continuing to post the same kind of things as before: Drawings, Videos, Gardening, Cat stuff ETC.
So stay tuned… and thank you to my followers, new and old, for letting me share my drawings and interests with you 😀

Its a little scary being beamed onto a planet from space for the first time… even though it wasn’t a major mission. Just getting some readings about a device we found on sensors, turned out to be nothing of interest though.

The toys don’t belong to me, they are from a cool place that I get to do volunteer work for called “I.M.O.G.A.P.” (“interactive museum of gaming and puzzlery“).

I take pictures of their game collection – its really quite interesting what a wide variety of games they have.

Anyways, while I was photographing games I found their Star Trek toys and I even got to play with them!

Thanks to all of my readers / fellow bloggers for providing feedback on my posts, it would be awfully lonely on my blog without you!

meekume 200 likes cat


Here are my top 3 most viewed posts over the years:

#1: “How to make an origami dragon with wings

A step by step picture tutorial on how to fold a gigantic origami dragon like the one below. I taped several newspaper pages together to get a piece of paper large enough to make this big guy.


For anyone who learns better from video instructions, I made an easier to follow tutorial on how to fold the origami dragon. This time it is a small one.

#2: My Tuxedo Cats Doing “The Ugly Dance”

Who doesn’t like to see people with cats heads in business suits doing a funny dance?! I don’t think we had adopted Lisa when I posted this… Maybe a Lisa dancer is coming our way?

new-ugly-dance-pics (3)

#3: “Inktober 29th- Winged Lion

One of my Inktober drawings, yay! I want to do a drawing per day again in October this year but I’m not the most consistent person on Earth. We will see what happens : )


Ah, memories!

Its shocking how fast time has passed since I’ve been blogging. I started sometime in 2012 with no idea what I would blog about, besides cats and maybe drawings.

Nice Guy is now an old man cat, at 11 years old! He is still as handsome as ever though.

I didn’t know if I could keep blogging over such a course of time, for lack of anything interesting to write about. Good thing life is always throwing different things at me to keep things interesting!

Whew, all this blogging stuff has got Kyoko tired out. (he is now 4 years old, by the way.)

Lisa TY
Lisa strikes a pose, who knows how old she is since we adopted her as an adult?

Thats all I have for this post, hope it was enjoyable… If anyone wants to share what they think my best post so far was and why, I’d enjoy some feedback : )

I know I did a post with this included in the past but I feel like this is a very important event in my life that I am supposed to share with anyone who would read it. It needs its own post.

I  believe that once this body dies our spirits are freed and return to our creator.

There are forces all around us trying to provoke us into doing wrong, sinning.

Just a few places evil lurks: Entertainment, Endulgence, Vanity or Self admiration, Carelessness, Vulgar things, Harmful words such as insults or ridicule and many more.

We must know that the things within our hearts and minds are just as important to regulate as our actions. Nothing is hidden when we are to account for our lives.

I was spoken to about this while I was out of my body.


My experience with death happened when I was much younger while swimming with my dad and sister at Nesmith Park, I fell into the drop off that I had been warned about.

I stayed calm like I had been told to do and sank so far that the water got very cold. It seemed like I wouldn’t stop sinking so finally when I couldn’t hold my breath anymore I called out for help. I remember seeing the bubbles come out with not much sound.

Then my spirit rose up out of the water and I saw my body floating dead with fish swimming around me. It was not scary or painful, it seemed very unusual to me and I pondered it for a while.

Then I noticed that I had no body and could see in every direction and through “myself” inward and outward from top to bottom and so on. My feild of vision expanded and it seemed that I was everywhere at all times.

I felt an extreme sense of happiness that I had never felt before, Peace and so much understanding. At first it was overwhelming. Moments later I saw a cloud which opened up and three people wearing white came out and were smiling at me, holding their arms outward like a hug…. I wondered if they were my family because I could feel how much they loved me. I was pulled up into a very bright white place full of light.

Then I saw nothing but brightness and felt as though I was laying down looking upward and a voice that felt like my dad’s was speaking to me without words.

The voice was kind, firm and extremely focused. I was being asked about many moments in my life about if I hate or resent anyone, do I love anyone and what was my understanding of love -why I love them. All of my answers were instant and honest, there was an intense feeling of understanding. Even when the memory was not nice.


From what it seemed like to me I didn’t have a complete understanding of what love is because at the time I was too young to have known what love was outside of my parents and family “I just do love them, cause they are nice to me/ take care of me” were my reason to love someone. I was asked if I wanted to stay here with him, I agreed to stay because I liked it here so much. But after I answered I remembered that my dad was down there still and he would be devastated if I left now.

It was decided once everything was considered: I was told “You have a purpose” and sent back.

Once I came back above the water to where my body was I could hear all of the people chattering and laughing around the swimming place. Then I noticed as I looked from person to person that I could hear their thoughts, some were innocent enough but others repulsed me and I ignored them.

When I looked to my dad who was at the edge of the water I heard him ask where I was in his mind, then he asked outloud. Then He realized i was underwater and I heard him exclaim “Oh Sh*t” first mentally then aloud!

He pulled me out of the water and dragged me to the shore and layed me down. As a spirit I went over and layed down into my body and woke to the pain and loudness of that life. The extreme happiness faded and was replaced with a terrible sad and angry feeling from the pain of water coming out of my lungs and knowing that many around me would not have cared much if I had died.


I hope that many who read this will be inspired to evaluate their own lives and search out what is pleasing to God and not only to consider man’s opinions who are often in error.

Christ has come to allow the forgiveness of sins, seek him out in your heart and allow him to transform you into a changed person.



My path has been a long and unexpected one. I came from a family who didn’t pray together or speak much of spiritual things. In fact, I didn’t tell anyone this story when it happened. It was too shocking and powerful to find words for at my age back then, plus I think I was afraid that they would think I made it up.

In my whole life I had went to church for about a month. It was years before this experience happened, my family took me to church because I was absolutely afraid of death, its all I could think of at night and I would have a reoccurring dream that a HUGE demon had eaten me and I was inside its intestines.

At church I learned about Christ and his suffering on the cross for our sins, I learned the prayer to accept Jesus as my savior. I began to pray every single night all night until I had prayed for everything I knew of and fell asleep from exhaustion. It actually helped me so much to know that God is with me at all times and can hear everything that goes on. The terrifying dreams stopped. I was no longer a victim of so many things, even if I suffered.. which of course I did and still do.

Endure to the end and give evil no foothold in your heart!

Today something exciting happened! Playful Kitty Gave us an award, the “dragon’s Loyalty Award”! So I decided that today’s inktober drawing would be based on this wonderful news 😀Dragon's loyalty awardIf I am not mistaken, the point of this award is to familiarize ourselves with our fellow bloggers who we follow and like. So I will be posting a few facts about myself and hopefully some of the people I choose for this award will also post some things about themselves.

We have never got an award before. Thank you so much to Playful Kitty we will be sure to pass this award on to other blogs that we follow! So here we go…

7 facts about me that you probably don’t know:

Us together1: My name is Heather and I’ve got a 9 year old daughter : )My little ponies2: I still have quite a few of the classic My Little Pony toys, These are my favorites. Although I admit the first pony with dragon wings is a modification I made, they are attached with a hair tie.Terrible Scary

3: Its a fairly common fear, I’m scared of spiders… but here is the thing I don’t understand. “Mosquito eaters” terrify me and out of every person in the house they always choose to come fly at my face. The apartments that I live in have an abundance of spiders  and mosquito eaters.

Tiger skin

4: I like to play Minecraft, my favorite thing to do is build stairs, search for treasure around spawners, ride my horse and mine around lava. Exciting, I know.

lisa lap5: Like many people I get very absorbed in whatever I’m doing, I like to get things done “Just Right”. Its a good thing that no matter what I’m doing my kitties make sure that I remember there is a world outside of my monitor.

6: I would love to be able to share my home with many more cats, or run a no kill shelter. I grew up in a house with as many as 15 cats who were indoor/outdoor.

7: I had a death experience where I went out of my body when I was younger. It happened at a river where my family used to go swimming. I couldn’t swim and I fell off into the drop off where the water goes from shallow to very deep. My Dad warned me about this spot and said if I did fall in not to panic, so I stayed calm and as I sank the water got colder and colder. Then I couldn’t hold my breath anymore so I yelled HELP and away went my breath in bubbles.

After that my perspective changed from first person to a view where I could see my own body floating there with all the little fish nibbling at me. I was invisible and could see in all directions at once as though I was everywhere at all times. Then the bright light came and sucked me up and when I got to where it took me there was two people waiting for me there, it felt like I knew them and they asked me a bunch of questions about my life and if I had grudges and hate for certain people then about love.

I felt such an amazing happiness when I was there, better than any I’d felt when I was “alive” and these questions and conversations happened in no time at all. My answers came without a thought about it as though just being could convey more than speaking.

Anyways, it was said to me “you still have a purpose” and I was sent back to where I had been floating above my little body in the water. No time had passed and I could hear a murmur of talking from each person as I glanced around the river, I could hear what people thought before they said things and their actions and words weren’t very loud in comparison to their thought. Not all were honest, then I found my dad on the river bank and he thought “where is Heather?” then said it out loud.

Thats when I watched him dive in and pull me out of the water and lay me down on the rocky bank. Then I floated over and lay down into my body and woke up. Coming back to “life” in my body was the most painful part of this whole experience and that joy that I had felt was removed.  I felt terrible pain and sadness in its place as I coughed up lots of water. The noise of everybody else laughing and playing in the water was so loud and something was trying to make me angry at everybody who didn’t notice that I nearly died.

That is my most favorite memory because I had been so afraid of death when I was young and now I know that death is just a transition point into something unimaginable and great.

Thank you for reading my experience  : )

Now for those of you who wish to participate in this fun award Here is the list of things to fulfill:

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2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented your award.

3. Present 15 or so awards to deserving bloggers:

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murk thresher

I was looking through my WoW screenshots photo album today and found this picture i took of one of my (many) favorite creature models!



…Its stuck …

State of mind

Sometimes in life it feels like you don’t have a choice about what direction your life is going in,

even when you are trying your best and working really hard at fulfilling what is expected of you.

It can feel as though you are a passenger on a train going to “who knows where”.

If you are prone to depressing thoughts like I am, you can find yourself feeling like this quicker than you’re comfortable with.

It is important to take measures that will assure you succeed, at least on a personal level, in wherever life takes you.

Even if you can’t control the “big picture” you’ll be surprised at how much better it feels to have a secondary agenda besides whatever is causing you stress or worry. Things such as taking care of your basic needs or extending the amount of self care you do, maybe even doing volunteer work if you have the extra time.

You can’t always control  how things turn out but you can control how much effort you put into what you do.

That is why making little changes in your habits or thinking is a good way to improve your enjoyment of life.

Sometimes better planning can remedy the “I’m failing blues”.

If you want your life to turn out the way you want then you need a plan.

After all, architects don’t just guess and go- they take measurements and make plans.

Make sure that you set realistic expectations of yourself, don’t bite off more than you can chew. The more flexible you are, the more opportunities you will have.

There is usually something minor you can do that will over time become a valuable habit and give you some of the satisfaction you desire.

So don’t be left in the fog about what makes your life worth living.

Remember what makes you truly happy (hopefully money isn’t the only thing) and build upon it.

The best things in life are investments that you may have already established without even knowing how much impact they have, such as brushing your teeth and showering, eating well and resting enough, being kind to those around you… the list goes on and on.

The rain came down hard this morning and left large reflective puddles scattered about.

You would never know these weren’t ordinary pictures of the sky until you saw the edges of pavement and the underside of a car.

Its almost like there is an upside-down world inside rain puddles, a world that you can’t enter no matter how much you splash about upon it.

Here I am standing upon my own two feet looking at myself looking back from the reflection beneath me.

I went rollerskating and had a great time, the pavement beneath my wheels was fairly smooth and i cruised at super human speeds.

Things were going wonderfully and i decided it was a good time to go home while i still had enough energy to go uphill on the way back.

Then as soon as i got to the main road the bolt came loose from the axel of the left skate.

I was sent on a continuous stumble, switching from broken skate to functional skate, trying to catch myself until inevitably i fell on the ground…



Anyways, i guess i won’t be doing too much skating in the near future.

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