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I thought Kyoko was being cute so I went up to take a little video of him. This is what happened when I turned on the light! Such a funny and cute expression.

Download sound effects at:
The sound effect “glassy_ding_or_bell” Used at the end is not my property.

I did a thing.

So I’m a big fan of a little parakeet named Disco that I watch videos of on YouTube.
Recently the nice lady who takes care of Disco and records his videos is having to have knee surgery.

Anyhow, Disco said in one of his recent posts on his Facebook fan page:

“Friends, a little patience, please. My adult female human is still a bit off from her surgery, so instead of being a video star, I need to keep my home humans smiling, I know you understand, and I appreciate it. Maybe you can make some videos of yourselves impersonating me to cheer her up, LOL. Imagine, can you?”

So that is exactly what I did… I made an impression video in an attempt to cheer her up and recover soon. Hope it works!

PS- Disco sounds WAAAAAY cuter than my impersonation, So why don’t you check out some of their videos?

I felt like doing a really silly cartoon drawing today. I didn’t really feel like coloring or even shading it. Yep, so enjoy my lazyness!

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Now you can buy a great mug with a cat chasing a bluebird on it!


Sometimes a compromise is the best solution

These days it seems like I’m constantly busy. Its not really a bad thing, just my days are so full that sometimes I just don’t know when or how to stop working.

Its not like I make TONS of stuff either, kind of just “spinning my wheels” some of the time.

Click the photo to see Nice Guy doing the ugly dance. Just be sure to turn your volume down if its up too loud.

new-ugly-dance-pics (2)

Click HERE to see Kyoko doing the ugly dance!

I’m not sure how many people have seen this website, I think its really great! Just upload a forward facing photo of someone (or something) with a dark background for best results. You can resize and rotate it once you upload it to the site.
With a catchy tune like this and a variety of dance moves to make you giggle, who can resist?! Just think: your boss can be turned into a less threatening figure- just stick their face on this thing!
You can put your best friend’s face, your dog’s face, a bird… or even and insect! The possibilities are endless!

Feel free to share your “Ugly Dancer” with us in the comment section!

Very please with my new Facebook Fan Page icon

I drew this today for my cat’s website, I really love how it turned out!
The one on the left is Lisa, Center is Nice Guy and on the right is Kyoko.
You can click the image to visit their fan page if you like 😀


Cats have this way of knowing how to tell you what they want sometimes with just a single look…
The most common hypnotic suggestion my cats give me is “pet me” “open the door” or “give me some of that wet food“.

Or maybe there is more to this whole idea of cat hypnosis? Like when you get up out of your seat and once you get to the other room you FORGET ENTIRELY what it was that you were after!
Only then when you return to your beloved seat to find it SNATCHED by whichever cat is quickest.

What kind of subliminal message does your feline friend submit you to? (If any, some cats are more direct with meows)


He was just so busy licking his fur that I caught him offguard when I spun the chair around and exclaimed “Ah HA”!

I used Camtasia to record my screen as I drew this Cornish Rex Cat in GIMP.
It took me about an hour to draw.
The number on the screen is just a note for me to remember what brush size i used.

The Chair Thief

This is what I imagine my cat, Kyoko, to look like when he runs over to steal my chair. But since I never see him do it I just don’t know.
It doesn’t seem to matter if I’m gone to get a drink, use the restroom or simply go get a pencil. No matter how quickly I return he is there in my spot smugly looking at me or licking himself.

Then I have to wheel the computer chair away so that I can pull up a different chair. Smart guy knows where the warm places are.

(Clicking the image will send you to my YouTube Channel to watch Kyoko have his fur brushed)

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