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My cat Mr. Nice Guy hasn’t always shown such great fondness for me…

I remember when he was a kitten and how he would scowl at me when i tried to pet him.

These days, however, he seems to have an almost URGENT need for sitting on my lap to be caressed or to stand with his behind in front of my computer monitor.


(Image below- Here he is expressing boredom at my computer usage, he even sighs from time to time)


He would prefer that i pet him and carry him around so that he wouldn’t have to walk about the carpet like a common kitty pet.

Here is a picture of his paw directing my computer mouse…

Despair not Mr. Nice Guy… you receive pets aplenty and many a can of mushy food!

Your human cannot forget you and your many quirks : )

I found a nice little shop filled with all kinds of interesting things… and its right next to my favorite coffee shop! Its called Crystal Heart Books.

Click on an image to go to the store’s website:






Fantastic craftsmanship on all of these creatures!

(Note: These are not my creations!)


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