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Sonic VS a cat

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Just a typical cat day of eating string when all of a sudden a new challenger appears!

One lovely day while Kyoko and I were out on a walk we came across another cat… A Stranger.
Kyoko’s impression about the cat: “He is shady looking, I don’t trust him.”
He lets loose a ferocious hiss and then whines when I try to comfort and assure him that the cat is nice.

Maybe he became confused about who the cat was, was this NICE Guy? No… she says hes nice, but he doesn’t look OR smell like Mr. Nice Guy. .

NOTE: The cats didn’t fight, the black cat (named Beamer) seemed really nice and kept a good distance away from him. The only way this could have turned into a fight is if Kyoko attacked first out of fear… Which is why i was there to make sure he yielded.

I make sure to accompany Kyoko outside because of an injury he came home with one time that required a drain tube and many stitches. I know hes scared because of that injury, I just really don’t think another cat did it. We lived next to a wildlife area so it could have been anything that attacked him.

I can tell he is comforted by my being there with him and since this video was filmed in 2012 hes gotten to be more confident and less afraid when going outside.

During Kyoko’s bath he makes some ungentlemanly fart sounds with his fur.
Ok, so its just me wringing out his wet fur that makes the sound.

I was walking home… and whoever got their car spray painted by SO MANY birds is one unlucky person.


Here is a sketch drawn by the witness showing an artist’s rendering of the face behind this gruesome mess.


Kyoko sometimes gets stinky… or goes outside in the rain and gets covered in mud.


State of mind

Sometimes in life it feels like you don’t have a choice about what direction your life is going in,

even when you are trying your best and working really hard at fulfilling what is expected of you.

It can feel as though you are a passenger on a train going to “who knows where”.

If you are prone to depressing thoughts like I am, you can find yourself feeling like this quicker than you’re comfortable with.

It is important to take measures that will assure you succeed, at least on a personal level, in wherever life takes you.

Even if you can’t control the “big picture” you’ll be surprised at how much better it feels to have a secondary agenda besides whatever is causing you stress or worry. Things such as taking care of your basic needs or extending the amount of self care you do, maybe even doing volunteer work if you have the extra time.

You can’t always control  how things turn out but you can control how much effort you put into what you do.

That is why making little changes in your habits or thinking is a good way to improve your enjoyment of life.

Sometimes better planning can remedy the “I’m failing blues”.

If you want your life to turn out the way you want then you need a plan.

After all, architects don’t just guess and go- they take measurements and make plans.

Make sure that you set realistic expectations of yourself, don’t bite off more than you can chew. The more flexible you are, the more opportunities you will have.

There is usually something minor you can do that will over time become a valuable habit and give you some of the satisfaction you desire.

So don’t be left in the fog about what makes your life worth living.

Remember what makes you truly happy (hopefully money isn’t the only thing) and build upon it.

The best things in life are investments that you may have already established without even knowing how much impact they have, such as brushing your teeth and showering, eating well and resting enough, being kind to those around you… the list goes on and on.

The rain came down hard this morning and left large reflective puddles scattered about.

You would never know these weren’t ordinary pictures of the sky until you saw the edges of pavement and the underside of a car.

Its almost like there is an upside-down world inside rain puddles, a world that you can’t enter no matter how much you splash about upon it.

Here I am standing upon my own two feet looking at myself looking back from the reflection beneath me.

I went rollerskating and had a great time, the pavement beneath my wheels was fairly smooth and i cruised at super human speeds.

Things were going wonderfully and i decided it was a good time to go home while i still had enough energy to go uphill on the way back.

Then as soon as i got to the main road the bolt came loose from the axel of the left skate.

I was sent on a continuous stumble, switching from broken skate to functional skate, trying to catch myself until inevitably i fell on the ground…



Anyways, i guess i won’t be doing too much skating in the near future.

Tuxedo cats

Not only do I love my cats personalities and mannerisms, but i also adore their fur pattern!

This is a rant about tuxedo cats.

They wear refined business suits that remind you that they aren’t just to be hugged any time you see fit.

The markings are a symbol that demand respect!

After all, how many times have you hugged a man wearing a tuxedo?

Unless you got married to a man in a tux or you hug your lawyer for whatever reason, you know that it just doesn’t happen.

Wearing flashy white fur on their chest is a way to demonstrate that they are true gentlemen.

They have no choice but to eat without their hands.



 Even so, they don’t get a single stain on their whites. Lets see you do that!

And now i’ll post a humiliating pictures of how they would look if they wore actual tuxedos!



Coffee and Muffin Cartoon

I understand why the coffee cup is smiling, we’ve known each other for a while…

But the muffin should be scared because i’m going to rip it apart. Happiness is infectious i guess, Delicious 😀

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